Ashok's Charity Test Ashok

Thank you SO MUCH for the generous donation of $4,000 on behalf of your wonderful team of Natyadarpan. Apart from this sum you donated, Friends of The Children Foundation Inc (FOTCF) could also raise some more funds from the patrons who were attending your fabulous drama event. It is donors like you that help keep our mission alive of assisting Children Hospitals in Melbourne to buy essential equipment & assisting needy communities in various ways. We will endeavor to utilize your this particular donation for our next Children Hospital project. It would be our pleasure to share the specific details with you when available, so that you know exactly what is happening with your donation, and the impact that we have been able to create together. We have been fortunate to be associated with a great organisation like Natyadarpan, who keep the thoughts of community welfare at bottom of heart, indeed a rare find. We look forward to come together again in future, whenever you wish to bestow your love to FOTCF Thank you once again for your generous donation. With all our gratitude,

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