Upcoming Events

Community Awakening Day Jan 26, 2023 About 11-12 years back “Friends of the Children Foundation” started observing this day with the support of Oakleigh Brass Band, local Primary Schools involvement and some other community groups, like Shandong Chinesse Association, Indian Seniors and Vietnameese Community Association to promote “Sense of Belonging, Spirit of working together and spreading the message of Harmony and Respect for each other in the community”. So, we focus our Gratitude at right place. On this day we also walk for “Hope, Humanity and Harmony”. Every year we give different topics to school children to write Essays or for making drawings. In the past we used the topics like, “Together we can”, “Unity is Strength”. We live in a country of opportunity. We need to contribute to give back on our part and best we can to the young generation.
Monash Children Walk Mar 5, 2023 In 2013, soon after the opening of “Monash Children Hospital” in clayton we started this annual walk on the first Sunday of March every year in Jells park. With this walk so far, we have raised nearly 1.5 million dollars which are used for various projects at the hospital. This is family fun day with the walk. Participants register through the walk portal and walk or run 5km, 10Km or 15Km. On this day children who have received the treatment at the Hospital also take part in walk and Team fund raising.
Good Friday Appeal Apr7, 2023 We have been raising funds for Royal Children Hospital through Good Friday Appeal since 1998. So far, we have raised and donated more than two million dollars for Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne. During this time we have been involved in purchase of many training and critical services provider equipments. On this Good Friday, we try to man 10-12 intersections in the various seastern suburbs. We also take part in Door Knock Appeal. If you think you can assist us in doing these activities bit better please contact Gopal Ganwani on 0430536358.
Australia Clean Day To promote the idea of “Keep Australia Clean and beautiful”, we have been doing once a year regular clean-up in our areas for the last 15 years. We have involved employees from different organisations and volunteers in this exercise. During Covid-19 times we did virtual clean up in our local areas to observe 5Km restrictions. We have done clean up around Clayton Railway Station, Mount Waverley Railway Station and Oakleigh Railway Stations. Besides some areas of city, we have also worked in many local Parks and streets. On this day, we work in team after meeting at certain location. After the clean-up operation, we get together for BBQ and Volunteers Appreciation activities.

Past Events