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FOTCF Gala Dinner Sept 9, 2023
FOTCF is organising its annual Gala Dinner Event on Sept 9, 2023. This also happens to commemmorate our 25 years of Community Building and Services. We are requesting the presence and support of you and all of yours near & dear ones who believe in the betterment of humanity and togetherness.

You can be a part of this change and lend your support to each other in various ways:

1. Attend the Event: Mark your calendar for the FOTCF 25th year Annual Gala Night on 9th September 2023, at Saphire Receptions, 11 Soden Road, Bangholme. There is a special price for a table for 10 which is $800.00. 


2. Extend a Helping Hand by Sponsoring or Donating: FOTCF, welcomes sponsors and donations to continue our community and Children Hospital Projects. Any contribution, big or small, has a meaningful impact. I have attached the Sponsorship package for your reference. The collected funds will be used to support and provide for the Monash Children Hospital Nursing and Midwifery staff further education, training, Scholarship, and professional development. 


3. Be a Voice for us and join our Volunteering teams: If you cannot attend the event, we can still make a difference by spreading the word around and joining us as a volunteer for our various projects. Let us raise awareness around, join our Facebook page. Our website address is  


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