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Current projects

Royal Children’s Hospital

Royal Children’s Hospital

Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne provides training to health care staff around Australia & Pacific for critical surgeries. FOTCF has been helping RCH for last many years. This picture shows recently donated new Endoscopy Model.

Burkina Faso | Banfora

Monash Children’s Hospital

Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH), Melbourne has a dedicated Simulation Centre to provide simulation based skills training on child birth & children health to the health professionals from underdeveloped countries around the world. FOTCF has a long history of working with MCH. Baby Manikin & Kangaroo Chairs donated by FOTCF has been widely appreciated by the MCH staff.

Benin | Cotonou

Bread Brigade

FOTCF initiated an innovative project – Bread Brigade. Our Bread Brigade project has three-fold objectives.

1. Stop food items going to landfill.

2. Serve our community and create the climate of Harmony, Humanity and Hope.

3. Connect more and more individuals towards helping and supporting the needy. Under this program our brigade of volunteers pick up the leftover bread from various local bakeries at their closing hours and take them to selected Community Centres, who distribute it to the homeless, refugee, poor & needy people.

Burundi | Bujumbura


FOTCF helps Cornerstone Contact Centre, which looks after Homeless People, Family Violence Victims and Asylum Seekers. We donate food packets & other necessary items to Cornerstone to serve breakfast & lunch to these needy people.

Cameroon | Douala

Good Friday Appeal

FOTCF helps Good Friday Appeal Charity to raise money to enable The Royal Children’s Hospital to continue to provide world class care for our children.

Future projects

Royal Children’s Hospital

Monash Children’s Hospital

  • Mother & Baby Manikin
  • Kangaroo Chairs
Royal Children’s Hospital

Dandenong & Casey Hospital’s Children’s Ward

Billy Blankets

Royal Children’s Hospital

Royal Children’s Hospital

Light Box

Royal Children’s Hospital

Aluminium Can Recycling at Schools